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Yelp, The Lodge to highlight local farms on Saturday

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  •   •  

When produce is sub-par, grocery shopping, cooking, eating—heck, any food-related activity—can be a letdown.

Those over-ripe strawberries you looked at warily? They’re buy one, get one free for a reason. Bell peppers lack their signature crunch, asparagus mimics rubber and good luck finding an edible cantaloupe. Don’t get me started on tomatoes.

When you visit a nice…

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The day before Easter at the Broadway Market - PHOTOS

gallery by Don Nieman  •   •  

Everyone enjoys the day before Easter at The Broadway Market.

The bright spring sun and brilliant blue sky were the backdrop for the massive crowds of shoppers perusing the Broadway Market at 999 Broadway on this beautiful day before Easter 2014.

You could not help but sense the nostalgia and feel the comfort of all the tradition that an Easter season visit to the Broadway Market offers. Located in the center of the old Polonia District of…

Early nibble: Melting Point on Allen - PHOTOS

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  •   •  

It can’t be easy to run a restaurant business in a narrow building with just seven seats.

That’s the challenge facing Matt Yuhnke and Mike Kifner, owners of Melting Point, a new grilled-cheese eatery at 244 Allen St. that’s immediately next door to Crust Pizza and across from Allen Street Hardware.

It’s not like the two owners are fighting a lost cause, as a few factors stand…

Buffalo Wine Festival at Buffalo Niagara Convention Center - PHOTOS

gallery by Don Nieman  •   •  

Having fun and enjoying the wine and related displays at the 5th Annual Buffalo Wine Festival.

It was one of the first beautiful, sunny and mild days in Buffalo this early spring season as wine connoisseurs poured into the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center to experience the fifth annual Buffalo Wine Festival.

The convention center’s floor was carpeted with displays from 33 regional vineyards and 31 farm and service vendors of food and wine paraphernalia. The exit tables…

Nutrition’s New Norm: Lemon blackberry chia-seed pudding - PHOTOS

blog by Alyssa Hood  •   •  

When I think of lemon, my mind immediately goes off into the land of cleansing.

A refreshing cute little citrus fruit can perform several practical tasks: used in sorbet to cleanse the palate between dinner courses, in a cup of tea to cure a cold, or quite literally—in dish soap to wash dishes.

So it’s finally April and the age-old phase “spring cleaning” is in full…

5 gentle suggestions for Local Restaurant Week - PHOTOS

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  •   •  

We’re already 36 hours into Local Restaurant Week, and all that Buffalo.com has done to promote the biannual event is post a photo of a gargantuan Ohlson’s Bakery cupcake—courtesy of the LRW folks—and the accompanying massive silverware (which I’ve used for every meal since, by the way).

Over the last few years, we’ve taken various approaches to covering the week where hundreds of…

Indulge in chocolatey knowledge at Industry Night

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  •   •  

The temptation with chocolate, for many of us at least, is that we’re so eager to engulf the tasty dessert that we don’t take time to learn about it.

Maybe the dark-chocolate trend encouraged us to alter our blissfully ignorant state—we don’t all have to be experts in indigenous cacao—but arriving at a deeper understanding of our guilty pleasure could be an allure for…

Month of the Noodle, Part II: SATO

blog by Thea Tio  •   •  

“I grew up eating ramen,” said SATO owner and chef Satomi Smith. “It’s in my blood.”

Satomi lights up when talking about her passion and being raised in her family’s ramen noodle restaurant in Fukui, a coastal city in north-central Japan. Her family members pride themselves on ramen, their specialty.

Before opening SATO (pronounced Sah-toh), her and her husband Joshua…

Nutrition’s new norm: Cinnamon vanilla banana milkshake - PHOTOS

blog by Alyssa Hood  •   •  

When giving up dairy, the hardest hurdle to overcome—second to cheese, at least—is definitely the oh-so-treasured timeless treat of ice cream.

We all know that when you get an ice-cream craving there is about nothing that will stop you from satisfying it.

Almost like you have become possessed, you’ll pile in friends and drive 20 minutes to the closest ice cream parlor or…

Month of the Noodle, Part II: Santasiero’s - PHOTOS

blog by Thea Tio  •   •  

Open for 90 years, Santasiero’s is a “what you see is what you get” establishment. 

On the restaurant’s website, the founding family boldly declares: “This is not the place for candlelight or haute cuisine. Nor is it a restaurant on the cutting-edge of culinary discovery.”

Fortunately, not all restaurants have to be white-napkin or committed to reducing every sauce.

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