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Allentown rising: Two eateries set to grace corner of Elmwood, Allen

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  • 

Several reports confirm that a tavern and a cakery will open on Allen Street in the coming months.

A tavern at 197 Allen St., right by Allen’s intersection with Elmwood, will open under the direction of restaurateur Dave Forness, former owner of The Buffalo House and Hemingway’s, Buffalo Rising reported in early April. The tavern will replace the newly-vacant Gelsey’s clothing store, pictured below from Google Maps.

The Buffalo News’ City Hall reporter Aaron Besecker confirmed that the tavern, currently nameless, was approved by the Buffalo Common Council this week. While Buffalo Rising suggested that Forness, who WIVB reported as responsible for Gabriel’s Gate’s tax debt in 2010, would included a char-broiler in his restaurant, there was no indication from Besecker’s blog post that the tavern would sell anything more than specialty paninis. 

In addition, the Buffalo News’ Andrew Galarneau notes that the Buffalo Cakery will fill the vacancy left by Sweet Tooth’s closing at 94 Elmwood Ave., immediately east of the coming tavern.

The TBN article explains that the cakery is the project of owner Justina Adams, and it’ll be the first store in Buffalo to sell Lockport’s Lake Effect Ice Cream as its house ice cream. Adams intends to have the cakery open by June 5, the blog post states.

It’s exciting that Allen Street has been able to fill the vacant northwest corner of the Elmwood/Allen intersection with attractive options. With Cantina Loco in the fold—and thriving, too—Allentown is an even more attractive destination.

Header photo courtesy of Flickr / EpSos.de.

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  1. Donna Marie Paradowski May 04, 2012 @ 3:32pm

    The recent what? The article seems to be cut off in the middle.

    Donna Marie Paradowski's avatar
  2. Ben Tsujimoto May 05, 2012 @ 1:44pm

    Thanks! I’m not entirely sure why that sentence got cut off, but it’s adjusted now. I appreciate you pointing it out.

    Ben Tsujimoto's avatar
  3. Douglas McDonald May 06, 2012 @ 1:50pm

    City of Buffalo prepare yourselves to have your sweet tooth indulged.  I know Justina.  I used to work with her husband and from time to time he would come into the office with a box or a piece of Tupperware and we all knew something absolutely fantastic was inside.  There pretty much anything she can’t do with a cake.  She made several custom cakes for co-workers.  Her cup cakes and cake pops make you want to go home and slap your Momma.  Not to mention that Justina is a very down to earth person who puts her passion into every cake.  Buffalo I’m very jealous.  I’m going to miss those cakes etc.

    Douglas McDonald's avatar