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Amy’s Truck unveils menu

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While the piecing together of an Amy’s Place food truck has been in the works for several months, the truck’s debut is rapidly approaching.

On Friday, food truck owner Amanda Amico released a photo of the truck’s menu which, not unexpectedly, is heavy on vegetarian and vegan items. The brick-and-mortar restaurant, stationed at 3234 Main St., Buffalo, in University Heights, is best known for its Lebanese-American food and “dive”-style interior. Even with a slightly ragged serving and cooking area, Amy’s is packed with UB students craving a healthy brunch or vegetarian fare.

Judging from the truck’s Facebook page and my own experience, here are some of the most anticipated choices:

Lentil-Berry Sandwich: Amy’s famous lentil spread, combined with a wheatberry spread, lettuce, tomato, provolone, hot sauce and house dressing rolled in flat-bread. $6

Pitaco: Spicy lentils, grilled onions, peppers and tomatoes topped with melted cheddar and stuffed into a pita with lettuce. $6

Bruce Bowl: Amy’s famous lentil soup topped with onions, hot sauce and cheddar cheese. $4

Dan Kabobs: Deep-fried breaded chicken breast, French fries, hummus and hot sauce rolled in flat bread.

Here’s a photo of the full menu, courtesy of the Amy’s Truck Facebook Page:

The restaurant’s most popular item, the voluminous “lentil-berry wrap” (pictured as header), is as hardy of a vegetarian dish as you’ll find. While I felt the need to add a liberal dose of hot sauce, the texture was pleasant—even the bits of lettuce and tomato that I’d ordinarily sneer at in a hot wrap—and the wheat berries were worth the experience.

Honestly, I thought wheat berries were fruit, not kernels of whole wheat that resemble rice. They don’t harbor a ton of flavor on their own, but when paired with Lebanese spices and/or hot sauce, the chewy, nutrient-filled grains are surprisingly tasty.

There’s more information to come, hopefully, as I’ve reached out to Amico to learn the story behind the food truck. For now, follow their Facebook page and Twitter account (@Amys_truck) for details.

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