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Apple pick-IN: Join Buffalo.com at Seabar tonight - UPDATE

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Update, 10:45 a.m. on Sept. 16:

We’ve added to the arsenal of samplers for tonight’s IN at Seabar. Howard and Tara Cadmus from Sweet Jenny’s, 5732 Main St., Williamsville, will bring small portions of Mayer Brothers Apple Cider ice cream as well as caramel-spiced apple pie ice cream.

Plus, our pal Chris Connolly, owner of Cafe 59 and Madonna’s in Allentown, has donated samples of Cafe 59’s from-scratch warm apple soup—a fall favorite. We’re very excited to have Sweet Jenny’s and Cafe 59 involved, joining Mazurek’s Bakery from South Buffalo and Leonard Oakes Estate Winery.

Don’t hesitate to get apple-crazy with us tonight at Seabar. We’re rather pleasant to hang out with.


After months of cyber-pleading, virtual puppy-dog faces and essay-length rationales, we’ve finally met the requirements to sponsor an Industry Night, the bimonthly event hosted by Feed Your Soul and Seabar.

Okay, I made up all the aforementioned stipulations, but through the kindness of IN co-founders Christa Glennie Seychew and Mike Andrzejewski, Buffalo.com will co-host IN’s Apple Season Celebration on 9:30 p.m. Monday at SeaBar, 475 Ellicott St., Buffalo.

While we’ll credit former Buffalo.comer S.J. Velasquez for her apple epiphany—sometimes we wonder how we still exist without her—we’ve tracked down two local businesses willing to donate their time and products for Industry Night.

Mazurek’s Bakery, situated at 543 South Park Ave. in South Buffalo, just celebrated its 80th anniversary in June with free cake, prizes and plenty of balloons. While the business is renowned for its New York-style rye bread, we’re pressing forward into fall, and Mazurek’s crafts delectable from-scratch apple dumplings.

For beverages, we’ve called upon the services of Leonard Oakes Estate Winery, 10609 Ridge Rd., Medina, which boasts the award-winning Steampunk Cider.

According to the New York Cork Report’s Bryan Calandrelli, who spoke with Leonard Oakes Estate Winery’s Jonathan Oakes, the ‘old world meets new world’ flavor concoction is a major reason why the hard cider is so esteemed.

“We wanted to go away from the syrupy sweet over processed additive heavy ciders and go for a pure reflection of the apple with the structure of the English style combined with the American ideal of cider,” Oakes explained to Calandrelli in regard to the Steampunk Cider.

We weren’t even aware of this, but Christa Glennie Seychew brought New York’s apple superiority to our attention:

New York State is the second largest apple producer in the U.S., harvesting more 29 million bushels of fruit a year. There are over 694 family-owned apple farms in New York. Join us as well celebrate Western New York’s own excellent apple growers.

Join Buffalo.com as we make our foray into the Industry Night scene, so release your inner foodie and relish high quality, locally made apple products on Monday night.

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