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Photo courtesy of Flickr / Bernt Rostad

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South Buffalo isn’t synonymous with Belgium, but the Irish-centric part of town does know a thing or two about throwing back a pint. With that said, it makes perfect sense that Gene McCarthy’s Pub will host “Belgian Meets Buffalo,” a three-hour beer tasting from 6 to 9 p.m. Monday.

Bryce Link, a representative from Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, will lead a discussion on Belgian beers from such breweries as Hennepin, Rare Vos, Witte, Abbey Ale and more. While you’re taking in all the history, try a few BPAs (Belgian pale ales), possibly some Belgian blond pale ales and Belgian Scottish ales, too. 

Soak up that beer up with a smoked sausage. For $25, you’ll be getting your money’s worth of beer at the open bar and a meal. According to a message from publican Gerhardt Yaskow, there will be some nice freebies courtesy of the folks at Ommegang.

Gene McCarthy’s Pub is located at 73 Hamburg Street in South Buffalo’s Old First Ward. For more information about the event, call 855-8948.

Photo courtesy of Flickr / Bernt Rostad

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  1. Jason Zwara September 09, 2011 @ 10:34am

    Hennepin, Rare Vos, Witte and Abbey Ale are actually Belgian beers brewed by Ommegang, not breweries.

    Jason Zwara's avatar
  2. My Paris 34 September 09, 2011 @ 11:08am

    While Belgian inspired (aka Belgian-style),  the beers mentioned here are NOT Belgian beers!

    Belgian beer is brewed in Belgium by Belgians using local grain, water and dirt.

    Examples would be Chimay or Duvel.