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Precious little information was gleaned yesterday from the HarborCenter press conference intended to shed light on the facility’s new restaurant.

From The Buffalo News, we learned that the eatery would be named (716)—with parentheses, remember—there will be a really big TV, two floors of dining and local ingredients on the menu.

What else did we learn? Well, not much—nothing about the individual food options, any elaboration on ethnic options, or really anything else of substance.

If there’s one aspect that Twitter thrives upon, it’s humorous speculation—the topic of which is truly secondary in importance. Everyone with an @ account can chime in, and it’s harmless to have a little Twitter-induced chuckle during your lunch break.

Plus, you get to tie together two of Buffalo’s favorite pastimes—Sabres players old and new as well as common restaurant menu options.

So, we browsed through the #716MenuItems hash-tag that bounded through social media this morning to pick out the Top 10 tweets. Who made us the authority? Well, no one, I guess.

No. 10:

Commentary: Frankly, this one is pretty cruel. Either Zenon should take some action, or Sabres blogger Ryan should address it—through Hoppy’s constantly unfolding narrative, of course—in his next “Immediate reactions” blog.

No. 9:

Commentary: Another self-deprecating dish that likely won’t end up on the menu, but for whatever reason, deep-fried pickles are considered a trendy novelty in Buffalo. WTH.

No. 8:

Commentary: I can see it now. A $20 dessert option that’s the size of your pinkie.

No. 7:

Commentary: You’d have to pronounce it as “Varr-own-ay’s Buh-lone-ay,” but it’s still pretty solid. Especially if it was served with MIKE WEBER’S MUSTARD and grilled onions.

No. 6

Commentary: @Croppaganda also brought us the “Taro Tsujimoto Roll”—of which I’m a fan—and perhaps that one should have been included in the Top 10. I can’t show too much of a personal bias, though.

No. 5:

Commentary: We can appreciate a good throwback choice like this one—Jerry Korab was a solid lefty Sabre defenseman in the late ‘70s—but hopefully these cakes aren’t too musty.

No. 4:

Commentary: If you’re confused, @ChristopherHyzy actually means “Hasek’s Gyros,” which is a play off of name of the charity that the superstar goalie started in 2001. Very, very clever. [Edit: @ChristopherHyzy brought to my attention via Twitter that he did, in fact, mean “Hasek’s Hero,” which is a regional term commonly used in reference to a submarine sandwich].

No. 3:

Commentary: This joke has fluttered around the Sabres media and fan-base for a while: the team’s brass keeps referring—like a broken record—to the Sabres’ “compete level,” which is a silly technical term for “trying hard.” For what it’s worth, this compote would not be uneven—but we’re not sure how high it would be.

No. 2:

Commentary: Extra points for Paille’s move from Buffalo to Boston, with whom he raised a Stanley Cup in 2011. It’s amazing how food names connect to real life, eh?

No. 1: 

Commentary: Okay, cut me a break for calling this one No. 1, but there’s something so smooth sounding about “Gilbert’s Pierogi.” Even though pierogies isn’t a word—it’s a plural of a plural—I can see a delightful pillow of dough cradling an extravagant French cheese. Lunchtime!

Narrowly missed the cut:

(Note: None of ours were exceptionally good—except for maybe Ty Conch-lin. And who would sell Lean Cuisines at a restaurant?)

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