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Lewiston boasts some of the best food among America’s small towns, and a lot of important people have taken notice.

On Wednesday, a TV crew from the Travel Channel arrives in the Niagara County village to take in the sites and—more importantly—the food for a two-hour special, “Best of the Road.”

Chosen by Rand McNally and USA TODAY as one of 26 small towns with large-scale appeal, Lewiston will be judged on its food offerings. It is competing against five other small towns in the “best for food” category.

Speaking of categories, other crews are being sent on road trips to determine which small towns are the most fun, most patriotic, most beautiful and friendliest.

Judges and their accompanying camera crew will arrive at 7 p.m. Wednesday, and Lewiston boosters envite locals to welcome the out-of-towners. Here’s some info from the invitation:

“Grab your Sharpie, markers and some poster board and let your creative juices flow—we need your help in welcoming the judges who are coming to determine which small town in America will be crowned “Best for Food.” Homemade welcome signs, placards and posters are needed to greet our national judges, and the Travel Channel, for the welcome party as Lewiston competes for the title “Best for Food” small town in the USA. Pump yourself with enthusiasm, throw the kids in the car, and head down to the Silo Restaurant this Wednesday, June 20, at 6:30pm and get yourself ready to give a rousing Lewiston welcome. Give judges Mike and Brian (the “Road Bros”) a big cheer as they get out of their car and set foot in Lewiston for the first time!”

Get to know the “Road Bros”:

Two other upstate New York towns are in the running for “Best of the Road” titles. Corning is included among finalists for “most fun” small towns, and Watertown is included in the “most patriotic” category.

“Best of the Road” will debut on the Travel Channel at 8 p.m. July 25.

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