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Michael Dimmer and Christian Willmott, owners of Black Market Food Truck, announced today that they’ll open a deli inside Waiting Room, 334 Delaware Ave., Buffalo.

Food service begins at 7 tonight for After Dark Entertainment’s Front Bottoms and Great Big Pile of Leaves show. Tickets for the concert run for $12 and can be purchased here or at the door. 

The Black Market Food Truck will continue to operate as usual, as Dimmer and Willmott will look to hire shortly.

Before Funtime After Dark moved into the space to open Waiting Room on April 1, Sinful Restaurant and Nightclub offered a regular lunch on weekdays and briefly an on-site catering service for office parties. With a small kitchen in the back of the cavernous venue, the potential for Waiting Room to weave in a small restaurant made sense.

Chris Ring, owner of Tour City and After Dark Entertainment, reached out to old friends Dimmer and Willmott—who played at Mohawk Place with various bands years ago. Intrigued by the opportunity, the Black Market Food Truck owners completed five or six test runs at Waiting Room shows over the last few weeks and have now decided to officially brand their operation.

“Chris [Ring] is a successful, hard-working dude,” Dimmer said in an interview today. “I’m honored and humbled to work with him, as he’s an upcoming presence in Buffalo over the last five or 10 years.”

“We’ve included them in the past in our New Year’s Eve and Halloween events to help build their brand,” Ring said in an interview. “Now they’re winning local awards [through Buffalo Spree], so this is a cool partnership in combining food and music.”

For now, the Black Market Deli will only be open on select show nights, but if the food becomes popular, Dimmer and Willmott are willing to be open nightly in the future. In addition to Front Bottoms, Black Market Deli expects to open for Real Friends on July 10 and OCD: Moosh and Twist on July 11 before handling the Taste of Buffalo the ensuing weekend. For a full list of Waiting Room’s shows, check their schedule.

Even though there are no gas lines or exhaust systems in Waiting Room’s kitchen—the appliances run solely off electricity—Dimmer confirms that he still has the necessary equipment to make everything on his current food truck menu (which rotates regularly). For the Front Bottoms show, available items include a banh mi, eggplant muffaletta, the Black Market BLT and a Greek potato hash, which will serve as a side.

During their trial runs at the indie music venue, Dimmer and Willmott noticed a trend in their service. To expedite the process, customers are asked to order at the bar—a menu will hang down from above—and pay before walking to the kitchen window to pick up their food. Orders are completed in three or four minutes, Dimmer explains, so patrons are encouraged to walk promptly to the kitchen to retrieve their order.

If anything, the deli’s presence serves as another homage to Buffalo’s local music scene, one that’s withstood a slew of venue closings over the past six months.

“We grew up playing and attending shows at Mohawk Place,” Dimmer explained, including Willmott. “When it closed, there were a lot of people who were effected, a lot of people who, even if they’d attended only a few shows, said, ‘Oh really? that sucks.’”

“Waiting Room is an awesome homage to the music scene and the history and memories that Mohawk Place brought to Buffalo,” Dimmer added.

Bolt over to Waiting Room in the coming weeks to enjoy a concert, a solid beer list and now top-notch sandwiches and sides.

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