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Black Market Food Truck to debut Friday - INTERVIEW

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Black Market Food Truck co-owner Michael Dimmer announced that he’ll begin late-night vending outside of Acropolis, 708 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, on Friday.

The schedule shifts to outside of Vera Pizzeria, 220 Lexington Ave., Buffalo, on Saturday late-night before the weekday rotation hits the suburbs. The finalized schedule will be posted on Black Market Food Truck’s Facebook page and soon-to-be-finished website, but it’s expected to include many typical food truck stops like Larkin Square, Roswell Park, the First Niagara Center and a few locales in Amherst.

“I’m happy the first two nights are in Buffalo,” said Dimmer, who was pumped about the cooperation of nearby Acropolis owner Paul Tsouflidis and Cecelia’s Ristorante. “People can see quickly what we’re all about.”

Last we checked in with the owners of Black Market Food Truck, we learned how the duo had produced a preview video in lieu of running a Kickstarter Campaign to raise $5,000 to equip their 1968 truck.

“The Kickstarter really helped us get a buzz before we got the truck on the road,” Dimmer mentioned. “It definitely created suspense, and we wouldn’t have made a video if we didn’t have the Kickstarter outlet.”

Dimmer elaborated on the truck’s soft opening, a brief service for a private party outside of Essex St. Pub on New Year’s Eve.

“It could not have gone better,” Dimmer explained, adding that he spent a frenetic New Year’s Eve day securing propane, finishing a wooden sign, insuring that the truck passed its health inspection and acquiring food truck permit No. 11 from the City of Buffalo. “It was the first time we cooked in the truck, and we still had mostly three or four-minute ticket times.”

“[Customers] were really jazzed about the banh mi,” Dimmer added, “but the sweet potato corn chowder was pretty popular as well. You can’t tell it’s vegetarian (though it is), and it’s probably my favorite soup that I’ve made in my life.”

While he’s not sure if BMFT will offer all of these menu options immediately, Dimmer hinted at creative ideas like a curry chicken souvlaki wrap, a salad with bacon, scallions and an apple-orange slaw, and a bacon apple chowder.

“I’m not against a bad-ass jambalaya,” Dimmer noted with a laugh.

Dimmer was particularly thankful for the work of fabrication specialist Dave Myslinski, owner of Custom Built Displays, who the food truck owner described as “out-of-this-world talented” for making the truck “a million times better than [Dimmer] thought.” Not coincidentally, Myslinski helped in the repair of the original Lloyd Taco Truck, which was sidelined for several months due to a fire.

Like many in the second wave of Buffalo’s food trucks—like Pizza Amore and Amy’s Truck—Black Market Food Truck has been welcomed with open arms into the food truck family.

“We’ve sat down with Lloyd and a few other trucks to work together on schedules,” Dimmer stated. “We think more trucks [in one place] will bring more people.”

The sense of solidarity has always been a strength in the history of Buffalo’s food trucks, and Black Market Food Truck’s debut will be no different.

(Header photo is logo from BMFT’s Facebook page, healthy food photo courtesy of Nines Catering & Christian Willmott, and bottom photo is Flickr / ~MVI~ (running away from parties).

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