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Snout to Tail from Anthony Vescio on Vimeo.

As consumers, many of us are blissfully unaware how fresh products reach our grocery stores. We maneuver past a few carts to snag an artichoke, peer at which packaged ground pork looks the freshest and cheapest, and gaze warily at those lobsters floating about with their claws tethered.

There are growing opportunities to become educated in respecting the environment, supporting local business and appreciating all elements of the food chain. One example is Bistro Europa’s Snout to Tail dinner, which fully breaks down a T-Meadow pig into a nine-course meal concocted by chefs Steven Gedra (Bistro Europa), Ellen Gedra (Bistro Europa), Carmelo Raimondi (Carmelo’s) and Bruce Wieszala (Tabree).

Zebratape video producer Anthony Vescio, who crowd-sourced funds to produce “Granted,” an indie film shot in Buffalo that chronicles a musician’s fall from greatness, pieced together a few different videos on the Snout to Tail dinner, including the event itself (at top) and the behind-the-scenes preparation (below).


Bistro Europa Snout to Tail Timelapse from Anthony Vescio on Vimeo.

Local food blog Buffalo Eats elaborated on the meal, crafting a dish-by-dish rundown of the various parts of the hog used by the foursome of chefs. Pig ears, pork meatballs, pork loins and much more—including delicious trotters—were featured in the intensely-filling nine-course masterpiece.

For a greater understanding of how the farm-to-table movement works, Bistro Europa’s chefs will roll to Alden’s Oles’ Farm to prepare a meal on-site in celebration of a lynchpin farm in Western New York. The price for the trip has yet to be determined, but the event is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on June 30.

(Header photo courtesy of Buffalo Eats from the Snout to Tail dinner).

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