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Local food blog Buffalo Eats now offers a comprehensive guide to Western New York’s food trucks and carts.

Website founder Donnie Burtless—who also hosts the Eat it Up podcast and has been featured in multiple Buffalo.com videos—started his blog back in 2009, right before the food truck phenomenon hit Buffalo. By 2010, Donnie was among the first food writers to cover the beginnings of Buffalo mobile food history with the launch of Lloyd Taco Truck.

Since that first truck hit the mean streets of the Queen City, Burtless has kept a close eye on the food truck scene. He’s documented the launch of new food trucks, followed the drama surrounding the city’s limitations on food truck licenses and continued to offer valuable information about the development of the area’s food-on-wheels movement on both his website and on social media.

Burtless and his fellow BuffaloEats.org blogger (and wife!) Alli Suriani will now share their amassed knowledge of mobile food with the Buffalo Food Truck Guide, which follows the activities of 13 local food trucks and carts.

Not unlike bflofoodtrucks.com, the Buffalo Eats guide includes basic information about the area’s major mobile restaurants. Buffalo Eats, though, offers links to additional media coverage about the respective grub-slinging vehicles. In many cases, Burtless has interviewed the truck owners and operators on his podcast, or he’s written about the business on his website.

The 13 trucks and carts featured on the Buffalo Eats guide are:

Amy’s Truck
Black Market Food Truck
Cheesy Chick
Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs
House of Munch
Knight Slider
Lloyd Taco Truck
Pizza Amore
Roaming Buffalo
Rolling Joe Cafe
the Sweet Hearth
Whole Hog

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