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Buffalo Eats reviews Bertha’s Diner, gorges on Backwoods Benedict

Backwoods Benedict from Bertha's Diner, photo by BuffaloEats.org

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Collaborating with Donnie & Alli from Buffalo Eats has been a recent joy for Buffalo.com, and the friendly duo has produced yet another “Food Porn.”  Head here to learn about Bertha’s Diner on Hertel, and find out about the delicious entree from the header photo.  Doesn’t it look glorious?  There’s something innately attractive about breakfast food mixtures.

If you’re not yet a part of the website’s sprawling fan-base, the Buffalo Eats crew has been reviewing local eateries since February 2009, and they do a thorough job dissecting a meal, including price, facility, taste and any other insight you’d desire.  They even talk about themselves sometimes, which is pretty refreshing.

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