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Buffalo wing blasphemy: Ranch dressing preferred over blue cheese

Does ranch really reign supreme as a wing dipping sauce?

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Is a Buffalo wing even a Buffalo wing if it’s eaten with a side of ranch dressing, rather than the traditional blue cheese dip?

Philosophize all you want, but know that the majority of Americans opt for ranch, according the a poll conducted by the National Chicken Council.

Approximately six in 10 Americans said they dip their wings in ranch dressing, poll results show. Three in 10 prefer blue cheese. There’s no indication what the unaccounted for one in 10 represents in terms of dip preference.

Later in the results roundup, the blue-vs.-ranch details get hazier when other dips and sides are thrown into the mix:

“After ranch dressing at the top:  43 percent of wing lovers chose barbecue sauce as their typical snack or dipping sauce; 38 percent said hot sauce; 35 percent said bleu cheese; and 34 percent chose celery. Fewer than one in five wing lovers (8 percent) described themselves as purists who eat nothing with their wings.”

The news release does not specify why these numbers are different from the ratios reported earlier, or why the percentages do not add up to 100 percent. Representatives from the National Chicken Council have not yet returned our phone call.

chicken wings with ranch or blue cheese?




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