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How to celebrate National Hot Dog Day in Buffalo

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Do you know what regularly gets the short end of the metaphorical stick? Hot dogs.

When you mention hot dogs to a large section of the public, they’ll wrinkle their noses and remark, “Don’t you know what’s in those?” And certainly ingredients like “mechanically separated turkey” and “cancer-causing preservatives” are generally met with expected distaste.

Regardless of the national media’s sensationalism—which in certain hot dog cases is quite valuable—most hot dogs really are pretty harmless if prepared conscientiously to be eaten fresh rather than stored on shelves, as many are gluten free and some don’t include MSG.

Here are four reasons why Buffalo.com is pro-hot dog:

1) They’re almost infinitely available in our city, from drive-thru restaurants to food trucks to street vendors to Canalside restaurants, a nicely grilled hot dog is usually only a few hundred yards away.

2) We’re in the hot dog mecca of the world—at least in our minds—as Sahlen’s and Wardynski’s both operate out of Buffalo’s East Side.

3) We appreciate the connection between hot dogs and summer, hot dogs and the Fourth of July, and hot dogs and baseball. There’s something relaxing about sitting back in your seat at Coca-Cola Field, munching a Sahlen’s hot dog and watching a fly ball sail into the left-field bleachers.

4) Local food bloggers Buffalo Chow dedicated an entire post to hot dogs, which is pretty eloquent.


Here are five places you can go to get quality hot dogs today:

1) Louie’s Foot Long Hot Dogs at 69 Grand Island Blvd., Tonawanda. (716) 877-9701

Yelp review from Jessica P., Maryland: “I prefer this location to the Elmwood one.  The setup here is original (1950’s) with a GINORMOUS tent covered seating area.  There is large grassy park with abundant picnic tables adjacent to restaurant so one could get take out and soak in some sun a la summer picnic style.  Also there is no line and parking is a breeze!”

National Hot Dog Day specials: None, but if you missed our story about the Elmwood location—and further news to come on that soon— read it here.


2) Ted’s Hot Dogs, eight Western New York locations—see them all here.

Yelp review from Jim K. in Rhode Island: “Ted’s Hot Dogs are the best. Not living in Buffalo makes it hard whenever I crave one of these. Ted’s has made it so I can’t eat a hot dog when I am not in Buffalo.”

National Hot Dog Day specials: None—except for this line that graces Ted’s website: “At Ted’s we’re celebrating the same way we have for decades…cooking hot dogs over a glowing bed of real hardwood charcoal.”


3) Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs, 500 Colvin Woods in Tonawanda from 11:30 to 1:30, then Larkin Square from 5 to 8 p.m.

Yelp review from Michael P. from Buffalo: “Hot Dogs are a foundation for incredible borderline sinful good culinary times, but the foundation is key. Meat in tubular form (as Bourdain might muse) is tough thing to screw up, but to do real well, that’s another thing. That said, these guys do it really well.”

National Hot Dog Day specials: $1 off every order all day long.


4) Louie’s Texas Red Hots, six Western New York locations—see them here.

Yelp review from Bob R. from Buffalo: “Why should you go here, then? Well, the key is the people. You have bums and businessmen sitting at the same counter eating their food. Criminals and cops. Cats and dogs, if they were allowed inside. It’s a human zoo that serves as Buffalo in a nutshell.”

National Hot Dog Day specials: Daily special of “buy five takeout hot dogs, get one free” still applies.


5) Theodore’s Red Hots, three Western New York locations—see them here.

Yelp review from A.C. from Corning: “I know this is considered heresy to some, but I think its better than Ted’s.  Hot dogs are exactly the same, but anything you order from the fryer is fresher.  And they have “frings” - half order of fries, half order of onion rings!!!”

National Hot Dog Day specials: None.

(Header hot dog photo courtesy of Flickr / TheCulinaryGeek and the interior hot dog photo is from Flickr / Dinnercraft).

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