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With the recent popularity of couponing, tracking gas prices and daily deal websites, there’s been one product that is always going for full price: beer.

Founders of SaveOnBrew.com believe it doesn’t have to be that way.

Co-founder Jennifer Davidson said the idea came about when she, her husband and friends were sitting outside with friends, talking about beer—especially the prices. “Why is it you can find anything on the internet, but you can’t find beer prices?,” she and her pals asked themselves. “So we did our due diligence, looked around, saw nobody was doing it,” and the concept for SaveOnBrew.com was developed.

The website and mobile app allow users to search for least expensive beers in their immediate vicinity by the store, brand, type container and/or quantity. Right now, the website is just creeping into the Buffalo market, so just six stores are present in search. But the company is booming in other parts of the country, boasting more than 24,600 fans on Facebook.

“We are always looking to add new stores,” Davidson said. “On average, I am adding hundreds of stores each week.”

Beer prices get added to the database automatically when stores in the area release sale prices on the web, Davidson explained. If the web crawler doesn’t catch a store’s deals, Davidson said she will manually add the information to the system, and she encourages local beer-selling stores to contact her directly so they can be included on the site.

With the rise of craft beer, she said she is working with smaller breweries to develop an interactive map that would help beer drinkers locate their favorite craft brews.

“It is very helpful for mom and pops [shops], because we don’t charge. You send us your information, we list it,” she added. “It gives them a fighting chance to compete with larger stores.”

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