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Cheese explosion: Yancey’s Fancy to triple in size

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Even though Yancey’s Fancy is based out of rural Pembroke, the local cheese company almost always has a presence at major Buffalo food events—the Taste of Buffalo, Polar Bites and Buffalo Soup-Fest are just three of the many examples.

Now, according to Buffalo Business First’s James Fink, the artisan cheese manufacturer will embark on a $7 million expansion that will triple the size of its main facility. That is a rather disturbing amount of cheese in one place. From Fink’s article, here’s the most exciting part:

Work could start later this year and the project is on target to be completed by late 2014. Once completed, the Genesee County cheesemaker could see its local employment swell from 110 workers to 190 workers within the next few years.

Interesting fact: New York State was home to the first North American cheese factory, so there’s a proud history to uphold here. Yancey’s Fancy dates back to 1926, and it’s changed ownership several times, but the longevity and commitment has resulted in a company that produces 9 million pounds of cheese each year. Yeah, cheese.

Judging from the Yancey’s Fancy booth at the Buffalo Zoo’s Polar Bites (photos by Leo Chan), aggressive varieties of cheese are still being churned out on a regular basis. Jalapeno and peppadew, champagne cheddar, wasabi cheddar and fresh killer dill cheddar are a few examples, and the majority of them don’t stint on smoky or spicy flavor.

Few people are against bold cheese.


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