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Deep-fried delights at the Erie County Fair

Photo courtesy of Flickr / cuttlefish

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Deep-fried Oreos are so early 2000s—it’s too easy. Fair food has moved on to bigger, better, seemingly unfryable things.

Erie County Fair representatives have announced some of the hotly anticipated deep-fried dishes that will be offered by select vendors throughout the fairgrounds. Among them? Deep-fried Kool-Aid and deep-fried butter. Yep.

Deep-fried Kool-Aid isn’t completely new to the fair and carnival food circuit. It made headlines last year, but the unusual food will now grace (or grease) Western New Yorkers’ tummies.

Fried butter sounds like something straight out of Paula Deen’s kitchen—and it is—but it made its fair vendor debut at the Texas state fair in 2009, Eater.com reports.

Other outlandish fried items to taste at this summers Erie County Fair, which runs Aug. 8 to 19, include:

Catfish sliders
Catfish on a stick
Shrimp fritters
Chicken-fried bacon with gravy
Chocolate-covered bacon
Breakfast sausage dipped in pancake batter on a stick
Doughnut dog (reminiscent of last year’s doughnut burger, also known as the Big Kahuna Burger)

Photo of deep-fried Kool-Aid courtesy of Flickr / cuttlefish.

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