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I was pretty bummed to learn that the last surviving Dickie’s Donuts location was closing up shop a few months back, leaving larger doughnut chains to rule the streets of Buffalo. But Dickie’s fans can breathe easy knowing that the recently shuttered shop on Dingens near Ogden is coming back to life under a new name, Donut Kraze.

We first heard about this from our friends at Buffalo Eats when they posted a tweet about the new Donut Kraze sign outside the old Dickie’s building. Now, Buffalo Business First has confirmed the new doughnut joint is open, and it’s being run by the same family as Dickie’s Donuts was.

“We didn’t keep the name Dickie’s Donuts because we didn’t want to pay for the name so Donut Kraze is what we came up with and we’re throwing a new twist on things,” owner Tim Carney told Buffalo Business First.

Aside from the name, a few other changes have been made. There are now candy- and cookie-stuffed “Krazy Donuts,”  breakfast sandwiches and burger doughnuts—yep, a hamburger with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion, all on a glazed doughnut bun.

One thing that definitely won’t change? The coffee. It’ll be the same coffee customers drank while it was still Dickie’s Donuts.

Photo courtesy of Flickr / kthread

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