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You can look at this news article two ways: negatively, it could be taken as Buffalo being a “test market” for Dunkin’ Donuts because it’s a major metropolis.  No, we’re not New York City, Boston or even Las Vegas.  The alternative, as we like to believe, is that Buffalonians get unruly-excited when it comes to the introduction of new menu items!  So why not give it to us first?  That, and we’re blunt—if your new offerings aren’t good, we’ll tell you. 

If you’re in one of those “nah, not interested in clicking your external link” moods, that’s excusable.  Basically, doughnut/coffee retailer Dunkin’ Donuts, in its never-ending competition with Tim Hortons, will try out four sandwiches and three soups in the Western New York market.  The rest of the nation must sit back and watch expectantly (and hopefully jealously.) 

“In addition to the newly introduced bagel twists, apple pie and stuffed breadsticks, customers can purchase roast beef, turkey and bacon, tuna and chicken salad sandwiches along with chicken noodle, tomato and broccoli cheddar soups,” James Finks’ Business First piece reads. 

As a sporadic Dunkin’ customer, I’ve developed a small man-crush on the bagel twists, particularly the cinnamon raisin variety with that gooey frosting.  Delicious and filling.  I have yet to sample the stuffed breadsticks, which sound equally tasty.  Will you give the new sandwiches and soups a try?  Or will you just roll your eyes as you zoom past—eyes focused and stomach intent on that Tim Hortons triple-triple?

Most interesting fact of the article?  Buffalonians can’t survive without peanut stick doughnuts.

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