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‘Eat It Up’ with Buffalo Eats: Dining Rumor

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Our friend Donnie Burtless from Buffalo Eats launched a new podcast last week, and he’s just published his second audio episode earlier today. In this second edition of “Eat It Up,” Donnie talks with anonymous local restaurant blogger Dining Rumor.

“I don’t want to piss anybody off—intentionally,” the mysterious male web writer told Burtless. “Ultimately, I want to be respected.”

Still, Dining Rumor’s identity remains concealed even though his voice is unedited on the podcast. To learn more about Dining Rumor, visit his website, follow him on Twitter and “like” him on Facebook.

And for more info on Buffalo Eats, also check out the blog, follow Burtless’ Twitter account and Facebook fan page. Stay up to date with his “Eat It Up” podcast by subscribing to it on iTunes.

Listen to the most recent episode of “Eat It Up” here.

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