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Once Lent hits, Buffalonians flock to restaurants, pubs and churches for their favorite fish fries. With all the options out there, and only 40 days to truly relish fish fry season, we figured we’d help you find the best places for a Lenten feast near you.

1. BuffaloFishFry.com
This blog, which is updated sporadically, includes reviews from a husband-wife team. They comment on food, service and ambiance—an undeniably influential factor in fish fry judgment, considering the venues vary widely. The couple’s been in existence for more than a year, but the most recent update was in late 2011. Anyone know if they’ll pick up the writing pace now that Lent is in full swing?

2. Yelp
This business directory site has taken on a whole new identity in Buffalo recently with the addition of a brand new community manager focusing on Western New York. A quick Yelp search for “fish fry” produced a list of user-ranked restaurants. Expect this list to be in a constant state of flux as more users review and rate businesses.

3. Twitter
We asked our @BuffaloDotCom followers to weigh in on the discussion. Here are some of the most insightful responses we received:

4. Picky Eater in Buffalo
After posting the link to this post on Facebook, we got a tip from one of the bloggers behind Picky Eater in Buffalo, a Wordpress blog that documents one local family’s dining-out experiences. The husband-wife duo is described in the blog’s about section as comprising two people with very different tastes. The husband, Scott, is the typical Buffalo eater who loves a good fish fry, and he’ll order one any day of the week, Lent or not. He compiled a list of his top 10 picks for fish fry restaurants.

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