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Food truck regulations: finally an answer?

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Finally, the “Buffalo food truck regulations” saga might have a conclusion today.

At 2 p.m. at the 13th floor Council Chamber in City Hall, the Buffalo Common Council will meet to vote on a proposal agreed upon by the food trucks’ representatives and Entrepreneurs for a Better Buffalo (the stationary, brick-and-mortar restaurants) to establish a framework for these mobile food vendors to follow.

If the planned vote does in fact occur today, the proposal will need at least five votes—a majority—from the nine-member Common Council.

This social media update from Christopher Taylor, owner of the Roaming Buffalo food truck, reveals an optimism that this exhausting path to legal clarity will be a worry no longer.

In trying to form a clear set of restrictions, fees and operating guidelines, a common negotiating group between representatives of the two sides split after a heated, unproductive meeting and since the October clash, food trucks and brick-and-mortars have worked separately to determine a path.

The Buffalo News’ City Hall reporter Aaron Besecker explains the adjusted proposal in his Jan. 6 piece.

Head over to City Hall at 2 p.m. to witness the vote for progress in the local food scene. Will the guidelines finally be set in stone?

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