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Collaborative food truck festivals in Buffalo have slowly shifted from “the rage” to “the norm,” as Tuesdays at Larkin Square, Canalside Food Fights and Food Truck Rodeos at the Buffalo History Museum have regularly united Buffalo’s mobile food fleet under one umbrella.

From 5 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, the grandest gathering of food trucks in Buffalo’s history will take to the Buffalo History Museum, corner of Elmwood and Nottingham, Buffalo. The event is free to attend, there’s ample parking in the lot to the immediate right of the museum (as well as down Nottingham), and 15 trucks will vend food.

What makes this rodeo special, however, is four factors:

**Two of Buffalo’s new food trucks will be on-hand, as J & L Boulevard BBQ and Greek on the Street will both set up alongside food truck veterans like R&R BBQ, Roaming Buffalo and the Sweet Hearth. We’ve covered the background of Greek on the Street, but we’re still on the hunt for the roots of J & L Boulevard BBQ.

**Fat Bob’s Smokehouse has obtained a beer permit for the evening, and Community Beer Works, Flying Bison and McKenzie’s Cider—all locally-made beverages—will be available for purchase. Wednesday will be the first time that Food Truck Rodeo customers can purchase alcohol on-site—last month’s event was BYOB. Nicely played, Fat Bob’s, we see you.

**Three Rochester food trucks will scuttle down the 90 to debut at the Food Truck Rodeo: Le Petit Poutine, Brick N Motor and Marty’s Meats will all park alongside the Buffalo food trucks in a poignant example of Western New York mobile food solidarity. The trio has a pretty high standard to uphold, as this Buffalo.com piece from January raves about the creativity of our neighboring food trucks.

To get a jump on Wednesday evening, here’s links to all three menus, Buffalo Eats’ feedback and Ben T.‘s item of choice (when applicable):

Brick N Motor’s menu rotates regularly, and but here’s what Buffalo Eats thought (then they did a podcast with the owners!).

There’s even a special named after Donnie Burtless—“The Donnie”—which is a Buffalo version of pork belly steam buns (two for $8, pictured). I’m pretty jealous, but that would be my item of choice because it looks scrumptious.

Le Petit Poutine’s menu not available, but here’s the write-up from Buffalo Eats and a useful Yelp review from Jonathan S. of East Rochester:

The gravy was flavorful, and when mixed with fresh herbs it created the perfect blend on top of the crisp fries. Throw in the amazing cheese curds and you really do have a perfect snack, albeit a terribly messy one. There are only really 2 options on this menu. I was hoping there would be some variety that would have me coming back to try different things, but I guess I will have to settle for delicious poutine the next time I find the truck. Yum!

Ben T.‘s addition: There aren’t many options, but I can appreciate simplicity and limited options if those choices are delicious—which sounds like the consensus on Yelp. Hopefully Le Petit Poutine arrives with sausage gravy in tow.

Marty’s Meats has an absolutely giant menu, and we’re not certain if the truck will be offering sandwiches or late-night cuisine.

Regardless, Ben T. is pulling for the Robby J specialty sandwich: $7—Smoked pork shoulder, Marty’s Red Pepper Aioli, mozzarella cheese, broccoli rabe, chili flake.

**Finally, DJ Cutler will be spinning. I always feel bad because Cutler is almost always added as a footnote to any event, but he goes about his business and lets his DJing skills do the talking.

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  1. Chris Lindstrom August 21, 2013 @ 3:30pm

    Based on Marty’s Meats Twitter feed, it looks like they’ll be serving up their beef tongue tacos for you guys. I’ve had them a few times in Rochester and it is one of the best preparations of tongue I’ve had and I’d almost consider it their signature dish at this point. Definitely give it a shot and don’t be scared away by the offal!

    -Chris L from www.foodabouttown.com in Rochester

    Chris Lindstrom's avatar
  2. Ben Tsujimoto August 22, 2013 @ 8:08am

    I’ve tried cow tongue before—Lloyd introduced it briefly as a special during one of its birthday parties. The two people I went with last night had the Banh Mi from Marty’s Meats, and they were super impressed. And one of them is definitely not a Banh Mi newbie.

    Some good Twitter debate last night about whether or not a poutine truck would survive in Buffalo—I’m on the “yes” train, but a lot of folks said no. It’s rich, very rich, but the fries are quality and the cheese curds massive. Would eat it again. Sad Brick-N-Motor was out of almost everything when I got there—they were No. 1 on my list for trying last night.

    Ben Tsujimoto's avatar
  3. Chris Lindstrom August 22, 2013 @ 11:01am

    Their Banh Mi is damn good as well!

    I’d vote on the YES side for poutine in Buffalo. Not only are they successful here in Rochester, but they are easily one of the more popular trucks at all the big events around town. It definitely doesn’t hurt that they make some of the best fries in town and put out a consistently solid product.

    I can’t imagine a similar concept not doing well closer to the border where more people have heard of the stuff.

    Hopefully you can grab BNM the next time they’re down there. Looks like they’re going to be a regular at the Tuesday event at Larkin Square. Maybe better luck over there? Or you can make a trip up to our fair city and check some other places out too!

    Chris Lindstrom's avatar
  4. Ben Tsujimoto August 23, 2013 @ 7:57am

    I’ve been to Rochester five or six times this year to cover Flash games, but food trucks don’t typically hang out there. I talked with the guy from the chowder truck that competed in Soupfest, and the Brick-N-Motor guy was really friendly—he said finding them at Larkin is the best bet.

    Thanks for the insight, Chris.

    Ben Tsujimoto's avatar