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Buffalo’s culinary prestige continues to grow on the national level.

Mere days after Seabar and Mike A’s owner Mike Andrzejewski was invited to prepare a meal at Sarah Simmons’ highly-regarded New York City venue City Grit, the four Nickel City Chefs—the Mansion on Delaware’s Jennifer Boye, CRaVing’s Adam Goetz (left in header), Bacchus’ Brian Mietus and Torches’ J.J. Richert (in right of header)—were selected to prepare an individual course at the acclaimed James Beard House on Oct. 16, Buffalo Spree’s Julia Burke reported.

The James Beard House is the “performance space” for the James Beard Foundation, a nonprofit in Greenwich, NY, that raises money for culinary education, presents events that deepen the understanding of America’s culinary culture and recognizes chefs across the country for exceptional work.

In Burke’s article, Nickel City Chef founder Christa Glennie Seychew—who was also chosen to host the event at the James Beard House—explained that the selected chefs would work not only to represent themselves, but also our city’s burgeoning talent in the food industry.

Perhaps other major food figures like James Roberts, Edward Forster, Chris Dorsaneo or Bruce Wieszala will be the next in line for nationally merit.

“Each chef will lead a course,” explains Seychew, “but this is truly a collaborative effort with the chefs and myself feeling as though we have been charged with representing all of the hardworking members of the Buffalo dining scene in a way that would make them proud. Though each of us has an ego, none of us is approaching the dinner from that angle, and I’m really proud of the Nickel City Chefs for setting their own interests aside and trying to do their best work as representatives of the evolving Buffalo food scene.”

Perhaps just as noteworthy is the precursor to October’s event, as the four Buffalo chefs and Seychew will host a dinner in Buffalo to preview the dishes served in New York City.

There’s no set date for the local preview meal yet, though it’s expected to be held in September.

“The thing most people don’t know about cooking at the James Beard House is that it is at the cost of the chefs, so ingredients have to be flown or shipped in, travel arrangements and accommodations made, etc.,” says Seychew. “The proceeds go the James Beard Foundation, an excellent organization completely worthy of our efforts. The dinner we host in September will help offset a very small portion of those costs.”

The Nickel City Chef 2013 season—the fifth in the event’s history—has already concluded, but the Nickel City Firing Line—which pits Buffalo’s top sous chefs against each other—returns for a second year in fall 2013.

Congratulations again to the quartet of local chefs—and Buffalo’s prominent culinary event organization—that have vaulted Buffalo’s food scene to an unprecedented level of prestige.

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