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Fueling the Black Market: New food truck seeks funding - VIDEO

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Buffalo’s food truck scene is continuing to evolve, and it’s fostered a bewildering amount of creativity.

Take the Black Market Food Truck, for instance. A project of Christian Willmott and Michael Dimmer, two long-time Buffalonians, the food truck will serve as a more visible alternative to their current business, the Nines Catering Company.

For their Kickstarter public fundraising project, Willmott and Dimmer have raised almost $3,000 of the necessary $5,000 to make the necessary changes to the 1968 truck mentioned in the video. Here’s where you can donate, and on the right rail there’s the tiered list of rewards for supporting the truck’s venture.

If you’re looking for a glimpse into the food truck—even deeper than what’s provided in the embedded video above—take a gander at the Nines’ catering menu. What about the “Not Mom’s Peanut Butter Sandwich”? Here are the ingredients: peanut butter, shredded baby carrots, sunflower seeds, currants, honey, whole wheat bread.

There’s a commitment to both creativity and healthy options, and the regular mention of banh mi—a Vietnamese sandwich that Carmelo’s sous-chef Bruce Wieszala said can’t be found well-created in Buffalo—is encouraging simply in light of the different niches that the second wave of food trucks have tried to capture (sliders, lentils and grilled cheese.) I expect the Black Market’s regular menu to be much different than the Nines’ catering options, but it’s a good teaser.

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