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Gordon’s scores a touchdown on CNN list - PHOTOS

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In a list put out by CNN GO last month, it looks like Gordon’s is the place to catch a game in Buffalo.

A relatively-regular frequenter of the North Buffalo establishment, I have spent many nights watching the Bills and Sabres do their thing on numerous flat screens. To me, it’s almost like my real-life version of “Cheers,” where (almost) everyone knows my name. The bartenders are some of the best people, who eventually turn into friends.

With a great line-up of live music and entertainment on a weekly basis, it’s hard to not have a good time when hanging out at Gordon’s. Incredibly affordable food and drink specials doesn’t hurt either.

Of the four bars from New York state, Gordon’s made the cut as the only establishment outside of the metro New York City area. The article explained,

Regular patrons of this corner favorite root almost as vociferously for its beloved management as they do for the Bills and Sabres.

And that is no lie, as you can see from my earlier remarks. So stop in this weekend and say hello to Matt, A.J., Carrie, Lauren, Sean and Corey for me. They will take real good care of you.

How exactly was the list created? According to CNN,

First, we surveyed local media “best of” praise. Then we solicited recommendations from local correspondents, bloggers and sports fans. Then we adopted an “at least one bar from every state” rule to ensure regional variety (see Hawaii and Mississippi for examples). Finally, we incorporated our own extensive experience.

Here are some great shots from Ben Huffcut at Gordon’s.




Also, check out this feature from WIVB:

Gordon’s named among top sports bars: wivb.com

Photo courtesy of Facebook.

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