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Buffalo’s beer greatness: Blue Monk, Cole’s rank with world’s best

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Photo first appeared on Yumsugar.com

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Word on the street is that “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” star Guy Fieri is entering the chicken wing ring right in time for the Super Bowl.

Yumsugar reports that Fieri will introduce a line of wing sauces, including a Buffalo-style sauce, later this month. Aside from the standard Buffalo sauce, Fieri’s also offering a habañero mustard sauce and Korean barbecue flavor. Yumsugar’s team managed to get its hands on a bottle of each, and the reviews for the spicy sauces aren’t so hot.

Here’s what writer Susannah Chen had to say about the Buffalo-style sauce:

“We’re partial to anything that’s buffalo-flavored, so we’re going to cop to bias here, but this was our favorite flavor. It had the spirit of a true buffalo sauce, although we’d still prefer the original — made with Frank’s RedHot — any day. Grade: C+.”

Ouch. But kudos to Chen and the sauce tasters with whom she works for keeping it real. Frank’s all the way.

Fieri’s got some stiff competition in terms of new sauce sellers. Tabasco recently launched a Buffalo-inspired hot sauce line, and they’ve been marketing it pretty heavily with a television commercial depicting what is supposed to be the city of Buffalo.

Photo from Yumsugar.


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Wings, wings, wings, wings-wings, wings

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