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It can be an awkward social situation when you sit down at a table for one, which is why some women would rather eat with complete strangers.

Cressida Howard founded Invite for a Bite, a website that lists female solo diners looking for company, as a response to that uncomfortable task of having to eat out alone.

Howard told CNN:

“I was in my kitchen making tea and heard a few minutes of a BBC radio program that involved an interview with women who traveled alone for business or pleasure. They were all strong women who had no problem traveling alone, but the one thing they all got very animated about was how they hated eating alone.”

The site is geared toward only women. Howard explained in the CNN interview that she didn’t want to introduce men to the site to distinguish IFAB from dating sites.

“[A date] is simply not what most women want when they are traveling on business. They simply want to unwind and have a bit of a laugh or a chat with another woman without worrying that it might be taken the wrong way or that they are putting themselves at risk,” Howard said.

As of this morning, no meetups have been suggested in Buffalo. Would you sign on for brunch or drinks with an out-of-town stranger looking for casual company in Buffalo?

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