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As Buffalonians, we hold our beloved chicken wings close to our hearts. The saucy poultry parts are central to our city’s identity, a symbol of spicy toughness and tailgating gluttony. We take them seriously—we have a late-summer celebration in the comfort food’s honor, after all—and we love to pick on other cities for their feeble attempts at reproducing our specialty. We absolutely hate when chicken wings are bastardized.

Well, international fast food chain McDonald’s is experimenting with chicken wings—or “Mighty Wings”—that will be offered in three, five and 10-piece increments, beginning at $3, USA Today reports. The trial locations have been in Atlanta and now Chicago, and it’s understandable that the test markets would be areas with lower standards and a less refined wing-palate than Buffalo, the home of the chicken wing.

Also, a large-scale introduction of chicken wings will even further hurt the current cost and availability of wings, which has skyrocketed due to a drought that limited available feed for chickens, S.J. wrote Sept. 8. As someone who paid $31 for 30 wings last night on Allen Street, I can attest to the elevated prices.

If McDonald’s Mighty Wings continue to catch on in the test markets, it’s only a matter of time before they’re introduced at the wing capital. This begs the question: if McDonald’s offered chicken wings in Buffalo, would you ever consider trying them?

(Header photo and in-text photo courtesy of Erica Morano from last year’s National Buffalo Wing Festival held at Coca-Cola Field—see the full gallery here).

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