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Buffalo’s chocolatiers have sponge candy on lock, but plenty of other cities—in a number of different countries—have been cranking out similar treats for generations. Now, with a little help from YouTube, you can experiment with sponge candy alternatives, too.

One variation on the crunchy candy is honeycomb toffee, which is surprisingly similar to sponge candy found in Buffalo-area chocolate shops. Honeycomb, unlike cube-shaped sponge candy, is more of a brittle toffee with spongy texture. Found in England and Australia, honeycomb is sometimes called “cinder toffee, yellowman, sponge toffee, puff candy and hokey pokey,” according to a BBC article.

For a full list of ingredients and a step-by-step breakdown of the cooking process, check out the recipe on HowToCookThat.net.

Cooking with Karma also offers instructions for making honeycomb, which the video host describes as being similar to a Crunchie or Violet Crumble bar.

Not so fond of cooking up candy at home? No worries. Just about every candy shop in Buffalo is currently whipping up batches of sponge candy for mass consumption at Valentine’s Day. Buffalo.com visited Watson’s Chocolates factory two years ago for an inside look at the sponge candy creation process. Watch that video below:

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