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I’ve heard rumblings about Community Beer Works and even met some of the guys behind the project, but I honestly didn’t know exactly what it was all about until @BlueMonkBflo tweeted a link to the budding brewery’s Kickstarter page.

Kickerstarter is a neat little website where anyone can pitch a project and ask for donations. It’s like an open grant proposal, and if you want to be on board, you hand over some cash in the form of an online pledge. On its Kickstarter page, Community Beer Works features a clever video, discusses plans for expansion and further identifies the “community” aspects of the project. I mean, it’s kind of hard to understand how alcohol can benefit an entire community, but, according to that clever video I mentioned above, it really can! I’m sold.

The Community Beer Works official website includes a brief description of how the brewery could help strengthen the city:

“The founders of CBW all have roots in Buffalo and we want our brewery to be an integral part of our city and the neighborhood our brewery is located in. We are planning partnerships with local urban farmers and gardeners to create a network of hop gardens that can be used in specialty beers as well as to dispose of our grain in ecologically friendly, mutually beneficial manner.”

So you love good beer and your city, and you want to help out? Consider donating to the project via the Kickstarter page. The brewery’s goal is to reach $15,000 by Dec. 14. If they don’t reach that number by that deadline, they won’t receive any of the already pledged dollars. As of 10 a.m. today, more than 40 people have contributed more than $2,200 to the cause.

Aside from simply feeling really great about your monetary contribution to society, you’ll get some free gifts from Community Beer Works for making a donation. So this is one of those win-win situations that is pretty rare to come by.

For more information on Community Beer Works, check out the Facebook Page and the project’s Twitter feed.

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