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It’s National Coffee Day!

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Sip on, America. It’s National Coffee Day!

I’ve been hearing rumblings over the past few days about free and discounted coffee offers, so I’ll share whatever info/rumors I have.

7-Eleven: Get a free medium cup of coffee from 7 to 11 a.m. today only.

Wilson Farms: Grab a 16-oz. coffee at any Wilson Farms location from 7 to 11 a.m. today. The offer is also valid at Sugarcreek locations, according to a post on the Wilson Farms Facebook page.

Apparently, some Dunkin’ Donuts locations in Arizona are giving out discounted cups of coffee, but I’m not sure if this applies up in our region. There’s no mention of free coffee on the official website or Facebook page. But there is some photo contest that you can enter if you feel like embarrassing yourself.  Dunkin’ Donuts also conducted a pretty funny survey in collaboration with CareerBuilder to determine which professions require coffee the most.

Here are the top five coffee-necessary jobs, according to the results:
1. Scientist/Lab Technician
2. Marketing/Public Relations Professional
3. Education Administrator
4. Editor/Writer
5. Healthcare Administrator

Tim Hortons —my absolute favorite coffee chain in the world—isn’t advertising any special offers, but I started my day there anyway. A Timmies rep did reach out to me yesterday with some additional coffee info to get everyone in the mood for the day. She said that Tim Hortons Facebook fans were asked who they would like to invite to a coffee date, and the responses were tallied. The results were pretty funny. Here were the top responses:

1. President George W. Bush
2. President Bill Clinton
3. U2’s Bono
Other poll top choices included Lady Gaga, President Barack Obama and Sir Paul McCartney.

Have any National Coffee Day tips? Any local shops out there offering specials today? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll make sure to announce your special on our Facebook page and through Twitter.

Photo courtesy of Flickr / dyobmit.


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