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Rapper and restauranteur Jay-Z has reportedly dropped the lawsuit against a former employee who took off with a chicken wing recipe.

In a $1.5 million federal lawsuit against former personal chef and former Manhattan 40/40 Club chef Mike Shand, Jay-Z’s legal team said Shand won’t hand over recipes for popular menu items, including the wing recipe, “costing the club lost profits, loss of good will [and] alienation of clientele,” New York Post’s Page Six blog reports.

Shand doesn’t deny holding on to his wing recipe. In fact, his lawyer Vik Pawar told Page six, “the spice-mix recipe that Mike developed is his own recipe. 40/40 terminated him, then had the audacity to sue him for his recipes. He gave them all apart from this spice mix because it is his own. Mike had a wonderful relationship with Jay-Z and Beyonce for many years.”

In a more recent New York Post article, Pawar said that the lawsuit had been dropped, but there’s still a chance legal battles will wage.

“We still may sue the club for defamation of character and for the return of his possessions, including his laptop, which the club still has,” Pawar said.

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