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It’s been a hot few weeks of celebrity endorsements for Canadian coffee-and-doughnut chain Tim Hortons.

First, Timmies got some love from Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling, who begged for a mug with his face on it (He got that mug, thanks to some Buffalo.com actions. You’re welcome, Ryan.); then the restaurant was the setting for a recent episode of “How I Met Your Mother”; and now pop star Justin Bieber has gone on the record to say that Tim Hortons iced capp is his drink of choice.

During Monday’s episode of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” Bieber and Fallon face off in a basketball shootout, but shooting with some of Bieber’s favorite things instead of a basketball. Among those items is a Tim Hortons iced cappuccino,

“Tim Hortons is a Canadian coffee company, which I thoroughly enjoy,” Ontario-born Bieber said before sneaking a sip of the frosty beverage.

This isn’t Bieber’s first mention of Tim Hortons. In a 2011 press conference, he told reporters that the thing he misses most from home—he spent a good part of his childhood in Stratford, Ontario—is Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons, although a Canadian company with roots in nearby Hamilton, Ontario, has also existed in border markets in the U.S. for years. Its first American restaurant opened in the Buffalo area in 1985, years before the chain made its way to some parts of Canada.

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