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Not only does Lake Effect Ice Cream craft killer frozen treats, but owners Erik Bernardi and Jason Wulf boast a solid sense of humor.

‘The Today Show’ honed in on five very short videos that best encapsulated the bitter cold of the Polar Vortex that swept through Western New York earlier this week—including a young man jumping on top of a frozen trampoline and a woman launching boiling water into the air (it immediately turned to snow, shockingly). The piece aired both online and on TV.

We may be biased, but the best part of the list was at the bottom, where a Vine of Lake Effect Ice Cream owner Jason Wulf featured the Lockport High School art teacher happily munching on a pint of ice cream in the snow before uttering “Screw you, Polar Vortex.”

A local ice cream owner with thick skin, a sense of humor and tremendous ice cream? We raise our metallic ice cream scoop to you, Lake Effect Ice Cream.

To show their solidarity—or feed their sweet tooths—celebrated local chefs Bruce Wieszala of Tabree Restaurant and Edward Forster of The Workshop stood outside of Tabree and gleefully housed two pints of Lake Effect Ice Cream.

See that image above right, and bear in mind that Forster will try his hand behind the bar at Tabree tonight and Saturday—keep your standards low and your mind open, we’d say.

(Image courtesy of Lake Effect Ice Cream’s Facebook Page).

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