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Lloyd perches atop The Great Food Truck Race giveaway poll, overwhelmed by local support

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One of Buffalo’s food trucks has a very real chance at national recognition, an opportunity to advance from rising local phenomenon to nationally-renowned food purveyor.  The Great Food Truck Race, the Food Network show hosted by Tyler Florence, is holding a poll for the most popular food truck in the U.S.  Imagine if that truck came from—gasp—Buffalo!

Our four local food trucks— Lloyd Taco Truck, The Whole Hog, Roaming Buffalo and R & R BBQ—are in contention for a $10,000 giveaway from The Food Network and a chance to appear on Season 3 of The Great Food Truck Race.  A nationwide vote has been cast to peg the most popular food truck—fans can submit 10 votes per day through Sept. 12.  As of 11 p.m. on Monday, Lloyd perches atop the leaderboard, edging Oklahoma City-based Big Truck Tacos since mid-afternoon.

“We’re overwhelmed with the response thus far and extremely grateful,” Lloyd’s co-founder Peter Cimino said.  “We’re trying to put Buffalo—an underdog city—on the map.”

How do you participate?  Visit the voting landing page here and then type in the name of your desired truck in the “food truck name” blank.  Searching by “state” is a little more confusing, as the ensuing map muddles the four truck names in a small area.  You will need to fill out a short form with your name, email and phone number—we’ll be honest, we didn’t put our real phone number—to vote for trucks and be entered to win tickets to New York City’s Wine and Food Festival.

Because Lloyd has survived and prospered for over a year—and the other area food trucks are still getting their feet wet and cultivating a following—it’s little surprise that Lloyd has romped out to such an advantage.

“I think it’s clear that it’s possible that we can win,” Cimino said.  “People are more likely to act [and vote] when there’s a belief that it can happen.”

To sustain the momentum, Lloyd has several ideas up its, ahem, exhaust pipe for the coming weeks.  In addition to prizes and giveaways, the food truck with the most rabid local following will host a belated birthday party on Friday, Sept. 2 at Artisan Kitchens and Baths.  Cimino and fellow owner Chris Dorsaneo will release new menu items during the celebration—we’re crossing our fingers that the rocket sauce wings will be included, but we cannot be sure.

In The Great Food Truck Race, the Food Network reality show that our local food trucks are vying to participate in, seven mobile food vendors are selected to compete in a six-week-long challenge; the truck that accrues the least money in a week is eliminated.  The lone truck remaining after visiting six cities earns a $100,000 prize—up from $50,000 in previous seasons—and major food truck bragging rights. 

“It’s the Stanley Cup Playoffs of food trucks,” Cimino described.  “The best and most talented compete on a national stage, representing their city.”

Follow Lloyd’s Facebook page for updates on the truck’s poll movement, prizes and giveaways, and more details on the belated birthday party.

LLoyd's standing on Food Network poll

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