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If you, like I, get all mopey and whiny when Lloyd Taco Truck is parked on the opposite side of the city during your lunch break, here’s where you put your money where your mouth is.

Peter Cimino and Chris Dorsaneo, the founders of Buffalo’s very first food truck, are trying to get a second Lloyd truck on the streets of Western New York. They’re using a Kickstarter campaign to generate the initial funds needed to get Lloyd Dos going.

“We hate that we can’t satisfy your Lloyd craving more often, so we ask that you kindly support the cause and pledge to our project,” the Lloyd guys explain in the Kickstarter description.

Not only will a second truck mean more surface area covered on any given day, thus better chance of scoring a taco, but donors will get sweet gear and perks in exchange for their generosity.

For example, a $10 pledge gets you a Lloyd bumper sticker, a free taco and permission to sign the truck; $500 or more earns you a Lloyd speed pass so that you’ll never have to wait in line at any of the trucks EVER AGAIN, plus all the swag that comes with the lower-level donations; and a $1,000 donation gets you 52 free burritos, a day on truck and all the other perks listed for donations of smaller denominations. And that’s just a sampling of a free stuff you could get. Check out the complete list of donor levels on the Kickstarter page.

“Lloyd here, Lloyd there, Lloyd in your underwear.”

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