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Local Restaurant Week 2011

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It’s easy to spot the allure of Local Restaurant Week (March 28th - April 3rd).  Buffalo residents love to support the economy by dining at locally owned restaurants, and there are plenty of delicious meals available for $21.11.

Starting with a solid 60 eager participants in Spring 2009, the twice-per-year “dine fest” tripled in size by October of 2010.  Now, the growth continues into Spring 2011: over 200 restaurants, from Mexican to Asian to Italian, have pounced on the opportunity.  33 different WNY communities are engaged, so by no means is this a must for only those close to the city.  Customers crave reduced prices at upscale restaurants, and the businesses thrive from the traffic.

Seabar owner Mike Andrzejewski, mastermind behind the LRW operation, explains the goal of his endeavor: “It’s also about celebrating Western New York culture.  Every time we run Local Restaurant Week it gives the local restaurant community the opportunity to make the distinction that we are as much a part of the culture of the community as landmark buildings, treasured institutions and the distinctive fabric of our life here in the area.”

Andrzejewski joined forces with Peter Longo, president of the WNY Chapter of the New York Restaurant Association, and Localfoodservice.com to make the Buffalo chef’s dream a reality.  Local Restaurant Week encourages Buffalonians to disregard their budget for a week and experience the area’s diverse cuisines.  Buffalo.com plans to hit at least three venues next week—which will you try out?

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  1. Beth Dewey March 29, 2011 @ 3:34pm

    My second favorite time of the year - after taste of buffalo, of course. Can’t wait!!

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