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LRW Diaries: Loungin’ at Lagerhaus 95

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Since it’s one of the few restaurants within comfortable walking distance of the Buffalo News, Lagerhaus 95 has been a regular trip for the Buffalo.com team. While the gastropub has yet to celebrate its first birthday, Lagerhaus boomed in popularity as a watering hole before and after Sabres games.

For added exposure, Lagerhaus 95 chose to take part in Local Restaurant Week, offering a pair of three-course meals for a total of $20.12. While the acclaimed Hindenburger is not an option—booo!—Restaurant Week eaters can choose between soup and salad to start, select one of Lagerhaus’ paninis and finish with a cookie or a moist brownie.

Here are quick visuals from our lunch stop:

African peanut soup: The texture of this award-winning soup is really, really unorthodox—it’s a little grainy, but not in a negative way. If you’re a fan of enduring spiciness and intense flavor, then this is a better choice than chicken noodle. I’ve been leery of this soup for awhile since peanuts and I don’t typically get along in entrees—you won’t see me ordering pad Thai anywhere—but there’s not an overpowering nut taste. The tomato base and spices (presumably pepper and chili powder) are dominant, and the peanut is primarily added for texture.

Turducken panini: While “turducken” usually makes its rounds as a Thanksgiving joke, it’s truly all the Thanksgiving fixings in your mouth. All at once. Though Lagerhaus 95’s version doesn’t add stuffing to its meaty mixture, the blend of turkey, duck and chicken doesn’t come together as one single taste—you can notice each, especially the duck. A sweet cranberry dressing with burnt orange peel chutney is a surprisingly good complement, and you won’t complain that the panini is too bland (as is the danger when you throw a bunch of subtly flavored meats in one sandwich).

The paninis are served with Lagerhaus’ own chips, which are extremely crunchy and salty. It’s worth asking if you can substitute the hot German potato salad for the chips, but you may pay a touch more than the listed $20.12 price.

Lagerhaus fromage panini: It’s a glorified grilled cheese, but it’s not the processed-orange-slices-in-individual-plastic-wrappers version. Described as a mix of artisan cheeses—brie, gouda, cheddar or what’s available that particular day. The gorgonzola really stood out to make this sandwich extra satisfying on Tuesday.

Cookie or brownie: The dessert is a reason to be excited because it’s portable! A pretty beastly cookie and a moist triangle brownie are packaged for a snack to be munched on later, and the paninis are both large and filling. You can easily turn this Local Restaurant Week special into two meals, and it’s one of the better deals (as well as SoHo Burger Bar) we’ve found in terms of sheer value.

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