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I got the best surprise delivery at work the day after Valentine’s Day. Here’s how it went down.

[Phone rings, I answer:]

Me: “Buffalo.com. S.J. speaking.”
Nick, security guard: “Hi, Sarah? There’s a package for you downstairs.”
Me: “Wait, what?”
Nick: “Someone delivered a package for you.”
Me: “Really? What’s in it?”
Nick: “It is a box of cheese.”

For a moment, I thought maybe I had some really attentive secret admirer—who knew I would find cheese to be more romantic than roses—sending me a belated Valentine’s gift. That’s not what was happening though. The cheese and a press kit came courtesy of Buffalo’s Best Mac and Cheese Challenges‘s promo team. Man, they sure got my attention.

Cheese delivery

I daintily smashed cheese into my face as I read the press release. Here’s what I learned about the month-long competition:

For the entire month of March, Lactalis Foodservice invites diners to help determine which area eatery serves the best macaroni and cheese. Twenty restaurants will participate in the competition by offering a special mac and cheese dish made with Lactalis brand cheeses. It’s up to the eaters to order the mac and cheese, and vote for their favorites on macandcheesechallenge.com.

It’s not just restaurants vying for neat prizes. Customers who order the special mac and cheese menu items will be entered to win gift certificates—there will be two from each restaurant up for grabs—and an iPad.

Now, be warned, the mac and cheese being served at the 20 participating restaurants won’t be the stuff that comes from a blue box. If the box of cheeses sent by Lactalis are a hint of what’s to come, expect robust roquefort, creamy brie, even sweet mimolette. The competition showcases the best of the best in terms of Western New York’s eats innovators—from Shango to the Roycroft Inn, just to name a couple.

The cheesy showdown runs begins Thursday and runs through March 31.

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