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After polishing off his third 3 Philosophers and his first cigarette in eight months at Allen Street Hardware, Ben T. needed something to satiate a growling stomach and cut what was amounting to a substantial buzz (hey, I’m a bit of a lightweight, okay?).  Fortunately, and while this was certainly an anticipated part of the evening plan, the brand new barbecue food truck, The Whole Hog, was perched next door on the corner of Allen and College. 

We’ve got some hog-bits of info for you:

— As S.J. kindly tweeted last night, asking for extra napkins is an absolute must when sampling The Whole Hog, especially if you’ve chosen their bread-and-butter, the MANwich Barbecue Pork ($5 on opening night, but usually $7).  It’s overflowing with pork, bought locally from T-Meadow Farms, and was accentuated by sauteed onions and green peppers. 

The sandwich was a handful though, so unless you’re chill with looking like a slob (perfectly okay in our book, since Ben T. may find pieces of pork in his laundry), you may be dabbing your chin/cheeks/ears from the spicy barbecue sauce.

— Ben T. is a sucker for good rolls, and The Whole Hog lumbers (waddles?) up to Luigi’s Family Bakery on Forest Avenue, a joint that’s well known for freshness and taste.  Plus, it can’t be easy to corral that giant mound of juicy pork, but I thought the roll did an admirable job.  Kudos, roll. 

— The truck itself is rather unrecognizable, at this stage at least.  Aside from a black “The Whole Hog” logo on the rear doors of the truck, it’s pretty white.  There were whispers—from Kathleen Haggerty, the owner, and others—that the vehicle would be painted pink with pigs on the sides.  I guess it would be more noticeable then!  By the way, Haggerty’s story is an inspiring one—click the link above.

— Where’s the Hog-mobile going to be, you ask?  Calm down, calm down.  The truck will be stationed in Fireman’s Park, across North Division Street from the bus station and conveniently located near ECC City.  Hours will be 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. during the week, but Haggerty intends to hit as many festivals as possible.  (She’ll be at indieSound on Allen today from 3 to 6 p.m., if you’re in the area.  Here’s their nifty calendar.

— Interestingly, Christopher Taylor, who’ll start his own local food truck, Roaming Buffalo, in late June, was working feverishly in The Whole Hog’s kitchen.  While helping The Whole Hog to get its hooves planted firmly in the mud (I know you readers will slaughter me if I use another pig metaphor), Taylor’s participation gives him a jump start on life in a food truck.

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