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National Chicken Wing Day: 15 national tweets that embarrass Buffalo

blog by Ben Tsujimoto  • 

As a Buffalonian, there are two ways of dealing with the fallout of National Chicken Wing Day—you know, the day of celebration that began in 1977 because of forward-thinking (and hungry) Buffalo mayor Stan Makowski.

If you’re a generally positive person, then you can take pride in the fact that Buffalo is the birthplace of the chicken wing and the reason why Americans regularly refer to the deep-fried delicacy as ‘Buffalo’ wings. You invite your relatives around America to bask in the glorious comfort food that we demolish all the time.

You can tweet/Facebook/Instagram about your favorite wings—whether they’re major names like Anchor Bar or Duff’s or smaller spots like Doc Sullivan’s and 911 Tavern in South Buffalo, Mammoser’s in Hamburg, Bar Bill Tavern in East Aurora, Wellington Pub on Hertel or Elmo’s in Amherst—and grin widely with crispy skin between your teeth and Frank’s Hot Sauce smeared on your chin.

If you have a mild case of “Eeyore” like I do, however, then you’ll inevitably pick on the out-of-towners (and a few Buffalonians) who are prone to spreading their chicken wing naivete around social circles. Seriously, this problem is rampant—as you’ll see in the 13 tweets below (all but one are from non-Buffalo folks).

Buffalo.com comment: Call us “wing elitists,” but Hooters may be the last place we’d go for chicken wings. We’re guilty sometimes of being suckers for good “all-you-can-eat” deals, but not when it comes to our prized wings.

Buffalo.com comment: Definitely chuckled at this one. It took us a little while to even understand it, though. Does anyone want to talk chicken wings?

Buffalo.com comment: What, Peter? That doesn’t sound like an inherent contradiction to you?

Buffalo.com comment: If you ask the authorities, boneless chicken wings are unnatural and would probably offend the Anchor Bar’s Bellissimos. Imagine that poor chicken with the limp wing?

Buffalo.com comment: Obviously someone will be guilty of using the lower-case “b” on Buffalo, which unfortunately gives “Buffalo wings” an entirely new meaning. Unfortunately for all of us, buffalo do not have wings. (Go home, Patch, you’re drunk.)

Buffalo.com comment: What is a “sprintster” of wings? I now realize this is a Quaker Steak & Lube phenomenon, but ordering a “sprintster” of chicken wings really detracts from an otherwise noble action.

Buffalo.com comment: So much wrong with this tweet, Oasis. Are any chicken wings not Buffalo-style? We’re being finicky because, even though the Queen City is given credit, the Buffalo connection should be assumed, not just granted to a certain type of wing. (Also, word to the wise—never buy a wing that costs less than a penny. Yes, we’re technical jerks sometimes.

Buffalo.com comment: We’re as health-conscious as the next city site—see Kat’s “Rookie Chef” posts for evidence—but on National Chicken Wing Day, you have to go big or go home. None of this “we bake our wings!” marketing.

Buffalo.com comment: Can’t fault Beanyy for celebrating early and taking on eating challenges—but we’re not relying on him as a chicken wing proponent.

Buffalo.com comment: Would you be embarrassed of your fellow Buffalonian if he or she ordered wings with ranch dressing? Is that a 716 sin? We know what the national dressing preference for wings is, though, so it’s just another place for Buffalo to claim superiority.

Buffalo.com comment: Nope, Kristen—chicken wings absolutely cannot be reheated (we took this literally, but it’s open to debate whether or not you ‘should’ reheat chicken wings).

Buffalo.com comment: Sorry, Maeds, but we had to point this out. With all due respect to Pizza Hut and Domino’s, we’re convinced that national chains have nothing on chicken wings from true Buffalo establishments.

Buffalo.com comment: You’re out of control, Keith. Stan Makowski just gave you a dirty look!

Buffalo.com comment: I’ve never seen a suite held aloft by wings of a buffalo, but if it involves Katy Perry, we’re down with it. (And by “we,” I mean Ben T.—not sure Kat, Katie or Julia are open to this idea).

Buffalo.com comment: Wait, people really eat chicken wings with a fork? Is this real life?

To end on a positive note, let’s close with a few tweets we like:

Buffalo.com comment: If that’s what it takes to get you to study, Justin, then by all means.

Buffalo.com comment: For sure, Joanna. For sure.

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