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New York State of Mind blog, by Marilyn.

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A vintage diner will make its way to Buffalo, where it will park permanently in the Larkin District.

The Newark Diner, named for the New York city where it functioned as a family restaurant for decades, will take a stroll down the Thruway some time next year. Howard Zemsky’s Larkin Development Group is purchasing the diner, adding it to a growing lineup of restaurant options in the immediate Larkin neighborhood.

“We will make a final determination in the months ahead,” Zemsy told The Buffalo News. “It will reopen as a diner under a new name to be determined.”

The Sterling-brand diner arrived in Newark, N.Y., in pieces back in 1939, and it was constructed on site. In 2011, the diner’s owner, Jim McBride, decided to put his eatery up for sale, according to a Wayne Post story.

McBride, who’s owned the diner for about 29 years, closed the diner to customers earlier this week.

newark diner

“It’s kind of desolate now. You get an echo,” McBride told Rochester YNN. “We had a lot of faithful people. A lot of customers that came every time.”

The diner and all of its contents were sold as part of the deal, YNN reports. The diner will be transported to Ohio where it will be refurbished and rebranded for its new life in Buffalo.

“I imagine the development they have up there is quite extensive, will give it a whole new life up there and keep it going again,” McBride said.

The photos in this post come from the New York State of Mind blog. The blog’s author visited the Newark Diner in February and posted a collection of images that capture the diner’s interior as it exists in Newark.

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  1. Richard From www.AmishStories.net April 14, 2013 @ 8:06am

    Glad this classic American diner will be saved, and for the most part these type of restaurants offer fair prices along with good food. A true working mans/lady’s place to eat and part of the American culture. Richard from Amish Stories .


    Richard From www.AmishStories.net's avatar