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Not on the menu at Wegmans: rare yellow lobster

Photo courtesy of Wegmans of Pittsford's Facebook page

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Employees of a Rochester-area Wegmans stumbled upon one of nature’s anomalies when sorting through seafood—a rare yellow lobster. How rare, you ask? It’s a one-in-30 million find!

Wegmans tweeted about the golden crustacean, noting that it was donated to the Aquarium of Niagara. According to the Pittsford store’s Facebook page, the lobster stood out from the other creatures in Monday’s seafood shipment because of its unique hue. The average lobster usually sports a dark greenish brown color, but these yellow fellows are the result of a genetic mutation. An adorable genetic mutation!

It should be no surprise that Wegmans decided to donate the oddity to an aquarium. Just a few months back, Wegmans got a shout-out from Greenpeace for drastically improving the selection of sustainable seafood. Another big high-five for Weggies.

I’m particularly fond of this lobster—more so than other underwater insects!—because it’s the same color as my car. You’ll know it when you see it driving around Buffalo.

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