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Shrimp dog at the Erie County Fair

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At this summer’s Erie County Fair, will you try the deep-friend gummy bears or the bacon bomb? Or how about the shrimp dogs? Pig butt on a stick, perhaps?

Decisions, decisions ...

“Nobody counts calories during the fair,” Erie County Fair marketing coordinator Holly Smyczynski said, so why not taste them all?

With pesky dietary restricted by the wayside, sample a range of odd offerings. The items listed below are just a handful of the interesting edibles recently announced as being made available at concession stands throughout the fairgrounds during the Aug. 7 to 18 event in Hamburg.

- the bacon bomb
- deep-fried bacon cinnamon roll
- alligator nuggets
- shark kabobs
- deep-fried gummy bears
- deep-fried Rice Krispies
- smoked turkey legs
- shrimp dogs
- pig butt on a stick

Some of the items above are fairly straight-forward, but others are less obvious.

The bacon bomb is a “homemade peanut butter ball—shaped like a meatball—that’s wrapped in bacon and drizzled in chocolate,” fair concession manager Jeff Horbowicz said. And the shrimp dog (pictured above) consists of “deep fried shrimp on a stick or bun, served with different kinds of sauces.”

Horbowicz said that the hot concession item from last summer was arguably the chocolate-covered bacon. Considering bacon’s surge in pop culture popularity, he anticipates the bacon bomb will draw a following. Same goes for the bacon cinnamon roll.

And there’s more pork where that came from. Pig butt on a stick, he said, is one whole cut of pork on a skewer.

Continuing the tradition of offering deep-fried sweets, the fair will also feature deep-fried gummy bears. These aren’t your average fruity snacks. The 6-inch bears—some battered—are deep fried and “very sweet,” Horbowicz said.

Not included on the list are a few other unique additions to the fair menu, including the perch and walleye sandwiches

“There’s a gentleman who brings those in fresh from the other side of Lake Erie, and he will cook them here,” Horbowicz said. “That, to me, will do pretty well within the fishing community.”

Of course, all the classic fair favorites will return in August, too. Expect fried dough, taffy, cotton candy, fries and lemonade.

To locate specific vendors selling the items described above, Smyczynski suggests downloading the freeErie County Fair app that’s available for Android and Apple devices.

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