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Think Tom and Jerry season is too brief to begin with? If you blink (or descend into too much of a stupor), you might miss the second annual Tom and Jerry Night at Mike A’s Lounge.

Don’t panic if you’re perplexed by a Tom and Jerry—in this sense at least, it doesn’t involve a cat and a mouse.

Instead, it’s a fairly simple—yet customizable—hot alcoholic beverage that blends liquor (often brandy) and hot water before a dollop of meringue is plopped on top.

Beginning at 7 p.m. Thursday, touted mixologist Tony Rials and Funtime Presents promoter Donny Kutzbach will join forces to host a night dedicated to Tom and Jerrys at Mike A’s Lounge inside the Hotel at the Lafayette, 391 Washington St., Buffalo. The party is expected to wind down sometime between midnight and 1 a.m.

There’s no cover charge—you just have to pay for the drink. RSVP via the Facebook event here.

An added element to this year’s party is that guests will be eligible for prizes if they wear ugly Christmas sweaters or “stupid winter hats”—an idea suggested by Mike A’s owner Mike Andrzejewski.

Buffalo.com embarked on a Tom and Jerry tour last year and passed along our findings in uncomfortable depth. Buffalo Spree’s Christa Glennie Seychew added a few more to the list in her recent writeup as well, including a few that don’t use brandy as the base liquor (gasp!).

Caving to the allure of tours—sampling various takes on a single dish—Kutzbach followed suit for his semi-regular Artvoice column that spotlighted off-the-beaten-path Buffalo bars, focusing one specific column on variations of the Tom and Jerry throughout Western New York.

“From there, I just went crazy about it but I stayed a purist, only making [Tom and Jerrys] after Thanksgiving and not doing them after January,” Kutzbach passed along in a message.

“It took me a season or two to really figure out the [meringue-like] batter—Kenny [Moriarty] at The Place really unlocked some of the clues—and since then I’ve played with it a little and put my own twists into it.”

Kutzbach’s hangouts at Mike A’s Lounge precipitated a friendship with Rials, who doesn’t serve Tom and Jerrys regularly during the winter season. The Funtime Presents promoter swayed Rials into giving in for one night per year, and the latter agreed to host a gathering to serve Kutzbach’s secret mixture.

“It was a blast last year, so we’re doing it again,” Kutzbach wrote. “I guess [the event] has become annual.”

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