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The minds behind Craftbeer.com know a thing or two about football—definitely about the tailgating aspect of football, anyway.

With football season just kicking off, the craft beer website has introduced a team-by-team interactive graphic that pairs NFL teams’ hometown signature dishes with homegrown brews. Click on the Buffalo Bills helmet, and you’ll be instructed to drink beer from Buffalo’s own Community Beer Works or Flying Bison Brewing Company. To satisfy your cravings for such Buffalo classics as beef on week, get to Buffalo Brewpub and order Flying Bison’s Rusty Chain Vienna-style amber beer

Rusty Chain is the only Buffalo beer mentioned by name in the interactive chart, but both Flying Bison and Community Beer Works offer a range of flavorful brews sure to play off of all kinds of different dishes. With that in mind, we decided to expand on Craftbeer.com’s limited suggestions by highlighting both breweries’ current beer offerings and their respective recommended food pairings.

Flying Bison Brewery:

Aviator Red
Described as “ruby red and malty flavored with a medium body and a spicy hop signature to balance,” this full-flavored drink would pair nicely with barbecue, roast pork or anything with a spicy kick, according to the brewery’s official website.

Rusty Chain
Medium bodied Vienna-style amber beer “goes great with chicken, milder fish and especially with grilled vegetables.”

Buffalo Lager
Light-bodied golden beer that “matches well with lighter tasting foods, milder cheeses or just great all on its own.”

Community Beer Works

De Maas
This Belgian amber is a “nice rich, kind of fruity beer,” Community Beer Works’ Ethan Cox explained. “It could go very well with game meats, especially if you do a fruity sauce—some kind of pear reduction sauce would go well with that. Or roasted chicken, especially if it’s a chicken stuffed with orange, lemon, rosemary—those types of flavors.”

The Whale
“It has a pretty wide range,” Cox said of this brown ale. “But it would go especially well with barbecue. It could also complement dessert with its coffee expressions.” Tiramisu, he said, would be an ideal dessert to match with this chocolate- and coffee-infused ale.

Versatile Frank, an American pale ale, is what Cox calls “our pizza beer,” because it just tastes great with cheese and pepperoni. “Bready flavors from malt and pizza will go well together,” he said. “Sweetness and acidity from the tomato is offset by bitterness of pizza. Pineapple would be awesome, too.” He said that Frank and wings—or anything moderately spicy, for that matter—would be a solid combo. But don’t go too spicy. Mild to medium heat is perfect.

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