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Perry’s Ice Cream employee Shirley Gawlik’s idea of a perfect burger includes a little ice cream. Lucky for her, she’s not alone.

Gawlik’s burger recipe won her a handful of awards earlier this week at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, including top honors for the “Create a Perfect Burger” contest.

“A lot of people said ‘Why ice cream?’ But I said, ‘You put cheese on a burger so why not try ice cream,” Gawlik, a Perry’s customer service representative, told the Batavia News.

The award-winning recipe (available on the Perry’s website) features a pesto sauce with a vanilla ice cream base, and there’s some ice cream in the actual meaty mix. 

“I knew the surprising ingredient would be an attention-getter plus the ice cream made the burger tender and the pesto sauce extra creamy, with just the right amount of sweetness,” Gawlik said in a press release.

Gawlik’s burger also earned “juiciest burger” and most “consumer friendly burger” at the state fair.

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