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Podcast update: Donnie uses his noodle, lands great guest

It tastes as good as it looks. And it looks damn good.

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If you haven’t been to NoNoo Ramen (480 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo), you are missing out on an amazing noodle experience—(OBLIGATORY COLLEGE RAMEN REFERENCE) we’re not talking about the salty little packages you fired up in the dorm room microwave (REFERENCE COMPLETE).

Listen now.

NoNoo Ramen boasts a four-star rating on Urbanspoon.com and was noted for its “...Japanese comfort food like okonomiyaki (savory pancakes) and crispy chicken katsu (cutlet) with Japanese curry gravy and rice> on the BuffaloNews.com Hungry for More blog. Our own Ben Tsujimoto admitted to suppressing an urge to literally dive headfirst into NoNoo Ramen experience.

Feel free to listen now.

On this week’s edition of Buffalo Eats’ Eat It Up podcast, host Donnie Burtless sits down with NoNoo Ramen’s Chris Van Every to discuss the hard work and incredible satisfaction that comes from running one’s own restaurant. The interview touches on those wonderful Yelp reviewers, the many restaurants that Van Every has worked at, how to make a good pork broth and even the topic of authenticity and how it plays into people’s perceptions of restaurants that offer ethnic cuisines.

Listen to the podcast here.

Photo by Ben Tsujimoto.

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