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When Christina Walsh, the Institute of Justice’s Director of Activism and Coalitions, visited Buffalo’s food trucks in late October, she was shocked that the city’s five major food trucks were willing to make concessions in order to finally have established regulations. She was adamantly against Lloyd Taco Truck, the Roaming Buffalo, the Whole Hog, RnR BBQ and Rolling Joe Cafe agreeing to sell 100 feet from established brick and mortar restaurants, largely because she feels that brick and mortar restaurants are hiding from competition by demanding stringent protectionist policies.

The Institute of Justice created the YouTube video above that gives context to the trouble that food truck vendors have had while operating within the City of Buffalo. After the food truck regulations had been tabled for further discussion in late July, public Common Council meetings in September and October allowed both sides to air grievances and encouraged a plan to be put into place, but progress has been far from fast—the most recent target date for finalized regulation was the final week of November.

Read The Buffalo News’ Aaron Besecker’s piece from Nov. 30, the most recent update on the food truck developments, and if you feel compelled, sign the food truck petition below.

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